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Kakyuu Hime
          Little is known about the mysterious Princess Kakyuu. She is the graceful ruler of the star Kinmoku. In the manga, she is able to transform into a senshi by saying "Kinmoku Star Power, Make Up!" and she becomes Sailor Kakyuu (sometimes she is called Princess Fireball). With her two attacks, Starlights Royal Straight Flush and Kinmoku Fusion Tempest! , she is a formidable opponent.She, with the help of her guardians, the Sailor Starlights, kept their kingdom peaceful and prosperous. Their peace was broken with the arrival of Galaxia and her minions. The planet was devastated and many lives were lost, including that of Kakyuu's lover.The Princess and the Starlights fled to earth. They were separated and the starlights became singers so they could find her.
Later on, they found her in an incense burner being protected by Chibi-Chibi. She, the starlights, Chibi-Chibi and Eternal Sailor Moon went to battle Galaxia. The starlights were killed and shortly after, so was Kakyuu. When Sailor Moon finally won and her senshi were restored, it is assumed that Kakyuu and the Starlights were as well.
    In the anime, Kakyuu watches over the Starlights, Usagi, and Chibi Chibi by often manifesting herself in the form of a butterfly or a bunch of bunterflies although she is still recovering in the incense burner. Kakyuu is killed by Galaxia and the Starlights live. Then when Usagi restores everyone, Kakyuu appears again and she and the starlights go back to Kinmoku. Also in the anime, Kakyuu cannot turn into a Sailor Senshi like she does in the manga.