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it was her eyes that made me want to die . . .  

Sailor Starlights and ChibiChibi

Sailor Chibi-Chibi
Mina: So you're names Chibi-Chibi...
Chibi-Chibi: Name's Chibi-Chibi!
Mina: Copycat
Chibi-Chibi: Copycat!
Mina: Little Brat!!
Chibi-Chibi: Little Brat!!
Chibi-Chibi: hee-hee-hee

Japanese Name: Chibi-Chibi
Name Meaning: Small Small
Age: Approx 2
Astrological Sign: Unknown
Blood Type: O
Favorite Color: Pink, red, and blue
Hobby: Unknown
Favorite Food: Doughnuts
Least Favourite Food: None
Favorite Subject: Unknown
Worst Subject: Unknown
Has Trouble With: Unknown
Strong Point: Getting out of trouble
Dream: Unknown Favorite
Gem Stone: Diamond

Chibi-Chibi is this adorable little kid who just appeared riding on an umbrella (you know, Mary Poppins?). Her umbrella blew away and Usagi caught it and gave it back to her. Chibi-Chibi then followed her home. Chibi-Chibi disappeared, but when Usagi opened the door to her house there was Chibi-Chibi, her mother saying she was part of the family, (Much like what Chibi-usa did). She can't talk, all she can do is mimic what other people say or say 'chibi'. (i.e. 'Hello, how are you?' 'Chibi..') Chibi-Chibi is a Sailor Senshi, after touching Eternal Sailor Moon's Moon Tier she turned into Sailor Chibi-Chibi.  Chibi-Chibi in the Manga: Chibi-Chibi is Sailor Cosmos, The Pure and Ultimate form of Sailor Moon.( See the Cosmos Page) She was created Moon Light Knight Style.  Her real name is unknown.  Chibi was the first word she heard (Usagi's mother was washing dishes and she saw Chibi-Usa's cup and said out loud "Chibi-Usa?!" just as Chibi-Chibi walked in the door.)


    Sailor Star Healer
The secret maternal movement away from death???, Sailor Star Healer. Stage on!
Japanese Name: Kou Yaten
Name Meaning: Light of the Night sky
Birthday: February 8
Astrological sign: Aquarius
Blood type: B
Responsibilities: Keyboard (Arrangement)
Hobby: Cameras
Favourite Food: Caviar
Least favorite food: ?
Favourite Subject: Art
Least Favourite Subject: Physical Education
Club membership: Homecoming Club
Has Trouble With: Physical Exertion

Kou Yaten is one of the mysterious Sailor Starlights, Sailor Star healer. Yaten is a squeamish, artsy guy. Yaten has the most obnoxious, self-centered attitude, and he seems to have a "comment" towards anything anyone says. Yaten is worse than Rei when it comes to picking on and making fun of others, especially Usagi. As Sailor Star Healer, she fights against Sailor Galaxia and her various minions alongside Sailors Star Fighter and Star Maker. They're very mysterious, and keep to themselves, much like how the Outer Senshi kept to themselves in Sailor Moon S. Yaten is the shortest of the Starlights. he has Short grey hair /w long ponytail, pea-green eyes, and seems to be always in an indifferent, grouchy mood.   

Sailor Star Maker
The angel of freedom who runs freely, Sailor Star Maker. Stage on!
Japanese Name: Kou Taiki
Name Meaning: Light of the big air
Birthday: May 30
Astrological sign: Gemini
Blood type: AB
Responsibilities: Guitar (Keyboard, Writing Lyrics)
Hobby: Reciting Poetry
Favorite food: Sushi
Least favorite food: ?
Favorite subject: Literature
Club membership: Literary Club
Has Trouble With: Arguments

Kou Taiki is another of the mysterious Sailor Starlights, Sailor Star Maker. He is very studious; he is the top of his class. A practical guy, who sees the world in purely scientific terms. Like the rest of the Sailor Starlights, Taiki is a guy but transforms into a girl. The Starlights and the Senshi fight the badguys as how the Inner and Outer Senshi fought the Death Busters in Sailor Moon S. Taiki is the tallest of the Starlights. He has dark brown hair, purple eyes and a long ponytail.  

Sailor Star Fighter
Surrounded by the dark denseness of the night, Sailor Star Fighter. Stage on!
Japanese Name: Kou Seiya
Name Meaning: Light of the Star Arrow
Birthday: July 30
Astrological sign: Leo
Blood type: A
Responsibilities: Lead Vocal (Keyboard, Writing Lyrics, Composing Music)
Hobby: American Football
Favourite Food: Hamburgers
Least favorite food: ?
Favourite Subject: Physical Education
Least Favourite Subject: Literature
Club membership: American Football club
Has Trouble With: Girls

Kou Seiya is one of the mysterious Sailor Starlights, Sailor Star Fighter. Seiya has developed an attraction to Usagi, which makes Haruka very protective and suspicious. Seiya doesn't seem to mind, as he flirts with Usagi day in and day out. Like the rest of the Sailor Starlights, Seiya is a guy but transforms into a girl. The Starlights seem to have their own agenda, as they aren't part of the team in Sailor Stars. Seiya, in particular, has a particular beef with Haruka, and this is paralled with the tension between Super Sailor Uranus and Sailor Star Fighter. Seiya has short black hair, blue eyes /w tapered ponytail and grey star earrings.  

Note: ::sniff:: The seiyuu who did the voice for Seiya has passed away due to extensive lukemia.  1970-2000.