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it was her eyes that made me want to die . . .  
Tuxedo Kamen Page
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You complete me...we belong together, and I love you.

Japanese Name: Chiba Mamoru  
Name meaning: earth protector
Mixx Name: Darien
Birthday: August 3, 1975
Astrological sign: Leo
Blood type: A
Favorite colour: black
Hobby: reading
Favorite food: chocolate
Least Favorite food: none
Favorite subject: Physics
Worst subject: none
Has trouble with: needles, Usagi's tearful begging
Strong point: ladies first!
Dream: to be a geneticist/doctor
Height: 6'2"

When Mamoru was a child, his parents were in a horrible car accident and both parents died, leaving him orphaned.  Mamoru stayed in an orphanage and then somehow got his own apartement (damn, he is loaded, check out his cars and motorcycle).  mamoru and Usagi had been fated lovers since the day they were born back 2000 years ago. Mamoru is very intelligent, yet very quiet and only expresses his opinions in times of need.  He is protective of Usagi, but sometimes, as it seems, embarrassed.  In mythology, Endymion was a shepard boy who lived on earth. He was loved by the Moon Goddess, Selene(sound familiar to anyone?) She bore him 50 duaghters! Thank goodness Usagi and Mamoru only had one kid.