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My thoughts on Artemis and Minako

The romance between Serena/Usagi and Darien/Mamoru has been a very jumpy one since the start of the show. The two didn't really hit it off that well till much later in the first season of Sailor Moon, when the past is brought to light. Throughout the first season we get hints as to who is who and how the past ties into the story but never enough to make a clear decision. The romance really begins to show at the beginning of Zoisite's quest to get the Rainbow Crystals and the Silver Crystal. This is when Darien/Mamoru first discovers he is Tuxedo Mask/Kamen and starts to understand the dreams he is having. In one of the episodes an artist (Peggy Jones in English) asks to have Darien and Serena be her models. In her studio Serena discovers a picture and shows it to Darien, who realizes that it is a scene from his own dreams. Him, giving the Moon Princess the Locket from so long ago.  Darien/Mamoru continues to get the visions till the Moon Princess is discovered in the Episode 30 "Crystal Clear Destiny" or (34 Japanese). In this episode the Moon Princess is reveled and the two lost lovers from long ago are freed. Darien/Mamoru is captured by Beryl and pitted against the Scouts/Senshi, but his love breaks through in the end and he always manages to not destroy Sailor Moon, but save her. He is finally totally brainwashed by Beryl for Episode 40 "Day of Destiny" or (45-46 Japanese).  Darien/Mamoru attacks Sailor Moon in the form of Prince Endymion/Darien, but is freed of the evil spell by the love deep inside opened by the Moon Locket song, which only played for the two lovers destined to be together (awwww, thats so sweeeeet!!).

In Sailor Moon R from the first episode that Rini/Chibi-Usa arrives, Serena/Usagi and Darien/Mamoru's relationship falls on some hard times. It all begins with a nightmare that Darien/Mamoru gets one night about Serena/Usagi in the future. It warns him to keep away from her or she will die. The next day, he breaks up with her and she is heart broken. Later on, Serena/Usagi gets the same sort of dream. Being the felling sharing girl she is, she tells Darien Mamoru about the dream she had. They talk and realize it was all a trick and get back together.

 In Sailor Moon R the Movie the romance is once again threatened, this time by one of Mamoru's old friends, one he had met as a young child when he was in hospital, Fiore. Fiore will not let anyone stand in his way to repay the humans for having left Mamoru alone for so many years. He does not realize the important element that Usagi plays in his life now. Eventually Mamoru comes to Usagi's rescue by attacking Fiore. Fiore does not understand why he would want to protect such a deceiving girl and Mamoru explains to his friend what Usagi means to him. Usagi uses the power of the Silver Crystal to break the spell cast over Fiore, and to save her friends. The use of the crystal would normally kill her (as it did her mother) but Fiore, a true friends helps her by giving Mamoru the nectar of the flower of life and his kiss revives her.

In Sailor Moon S Usagi and Mamoru's relationship does not take precedence over anything else in the story. The two are simply going out the way it was meant to be. They see each other and love each other, as a couple should. In Sailor Moon S the Movie, Usagi and Mamoru's relationship is put back into the light when Luna asks Usagi about love, how love works and what the feelings mean. Usagi explains with Mamoru as her example. Throughout the rest of the series the relationship between Usagi and Mamoru comes up briefly but never more then is needed. It is known that they date and love each other very much and that is how it remains

As the Manga dictates, the Sailor Moon Romance Saga ends with the marriage of Usagi and Mamoru. These two star-crossed lovers from the past finish what could not be done on the Moon Kingdom 1000 years ago. The wedding turns out to be the be all and end all of the Usagi/Mamoru relationship in Sailor Moon, at least in the Manga. In the Anime, the series and romance ends a little differently, with no creation of Crystal Tokyo and no wedding, but just two lovers, kissing under the full moon. So that is how i should end it :)  Well...I was gonna end it that way, but then I saw these beautiful wedding pics!!!


 Michiru and Haruka
I have to admit, Haruka and Michiru are my most favourtie couple out of the whole series. I just feel bad for Mamoru, y'know, with all the "Mamo-chan!" and nagging and Usagi hanging all over him.  And i feel bad for Usagi because Mamoru is really a butt-much towards Usagi.  He always has this attitude of "i'm better, i'm older, sure you can love me, but remember, i'm better."  Sure Usagi and Mamoru have great moments, but there are always times when one of them can be overly annoying.  Haruka and Michiru, on the other hand, are just pefect for eachother.  They overcame so many obstacles and the same sex thing.  They truly love eachother, and it shows in the StarS series.  (MAY CONTAIN SPOILERS!) When given the option to work for Galaxia or die, Haruka said "interesting, I'd sell my soul to the devil just to be with you, Michiru."  Then, when they attacked Galaxia, even while contrlled by the bracelets, and Galaxia took the bracelets away, you could truly see their love shine(from StarS episode 198):

Michiru: It looks like the end
Haruka: We no longer have wings to fly freely in the blue sky! We've dirtied our hands with the blood of betrayal.
Michiru: I know
Galaxia: Everything was futile, wasn't it?
Haruka: ...or the beaks to pick our own flesh...
Michiru: I can endure anything with you...even being burned by the fires of hell...
Haruka: Hell? It doesn't suit you...
Michiru: I don't regret it...
Usagi: Why did you do it?

*Galaxia Takes Haruka and Michiru's bracelets, Michiru falls to the side, landing on a ledge lower than Haruka's ledge, Haruka turns to Usagi as Haruka starts to fall, her body and Michiru's bodies are starting to fade*

Haruka: is our way
Michiru: the cross that was assigned to us as soldiers...
Usagi: *crying, looks at Galaxia* Thats...thats terrible!! *looking back at Haruka* Since you didn't tell us, I thought that you two had really become our enemies...and doubted your friendship.  I didn't belive you until the very end...

*Haruka and Michiru hit their seperate ledges hard*

Usagi: Haruka-san! Michiru-san!
Fighter: What?! I won't fogive you!! You talk big words! If you leave, what will happen to Sailor Moon?
Haruka  *she can barely talk*: Fighter, what you're trying to protect isn't space, peace, and the future, is it?  From now want to protect her...
Fighter *tears in her eyes*: Uranus!

*You can hear Usagi crying loudly*

Haruka *lightly laughing*: Our such a crybaby...
Michiru:...she is...
Usagi: Because...because...
Haruka: Are you scared...Michiru...?
Michiru: Haruka... *you can hear tears in her voice*
Haruka: ...what?

*they reach their arms out, since Michiru is on a lower ledge she can't see Haruka, she puts her hand over the edge, her hand can't reach Haruka's.  You see Michiru's hand relax like she's given up, then you see a closeup of Haruka's eyes.  You see Michiru's index finger wiggle, she grabs Haruka's fingers and they manage to hold eachother*
Michiru *closes her eyes*: I...can...see the light...
Haruka: You're warm, Michiru...*Haruka closes her eyes, their bodies twinkle and disappear*
Usagi: Michiru-san! Haruka-san! Don't leave!!

This episode [198] is the most romantic Haruka Michiru episode ever, along with the infamous S "Hand holding" episode.  i was surprised to see the hand holding part of the episode unedited on Cartoon Network.  I cried when i watched both of these episodes.


There are many questions as to the relationship of Haruka and Michiru.  The first question being: "are they homosexual or are they really close?" Answer: yes, they are homosexual, and there is nothing wrong with that.  One of the most intriguing (and often confusing) aspects of Sailormoon is the unique relationship between Haruka and Michiru. Throughout the series, the two are always together, and occasionally they show signs of affection for one another; they never kiss, but subtle indications emerge to suggest a deeper relationship.

Many North American viewers see this and make several incorrect assumptions about the nature of their affection. However, similar relationships of trust and interdependence often develop among Japanese girls, and their parents are happy to see this because it means that their daughter will always have someone on whom she can depend.

At the 1998 San Diego Comic-Con, Takeuchi Naoko told an audience that they are "lovers" and became that way because they fit naturally together. She said that in Japan, girls 16 and up go through a very emotional process so that such a relationship is possible. When compared to the inner senshi's friendships, Naoko said, "...those two have a lot more free time." The audience laughed.

The relationship of Haruka and Michiru is yet another unique and entertaining aspect of the show, and fans of the original series are undoubtedly angry with the producers who air Sailor Moon on Cartoon Network  for changing their relationship so that they are "cousins" (, ok, i don't think so...they did a GREAT *wink-wink-nudge-nudge* job of covering it up...)

The intriguing relationship between Michiru and Haruka is often misinterpreted as a result of cultural differences between Japan and North America. In September of 1996, the Italian Kappa Magazine interviewed Takeuchi Naoko. The following is a small excerpt (Full interview available at SailorNET's Nakayoshi.)

Although the animated series (because of the censorship brought to Italy and America) does not particularly give it meaning, there is a rather ambiguous relationship between Michiru and Haruka. Care to comment?

"The relationship between Michiru and Haruka is a little peculiar. The truth in their feelings is that they have a very serious and pure friendship. The relationship, on account of the friendship between the two fighters is so strong that it flowed into love. Love does not only exist between different sexes, but can also come forth as a homosexual love, in this case between two girls."

Considering Sailor Moon's young audience, have there been any problems with this?

"In Japan, boys seek girls with a popular strong temperament. The popular tradition of my country sees the maximum feminine emancipation in the Takarazuka, the Japanese sun theater women. These actresses take all roles, even male parts. They were an inspiration to me in creating the personage of Haruka. It was not easy to make the children understand that a true love between two women could exist: Haruka is masculine, in dress and speech, and it is natural that she has male tastes. It is normal, then, that she loves Michiru."

Michiru and Haruka are beautiful people who know what they want, and if they didn't want eachother, they wouldn't be together.  The fact that Naoko made haruka and Michiru lesbians adds to the fact that love conquers all, even a homosexual love.  I believe that the Americans had no right whatsoever to butcher the S Series as they did, in doing so, they ruined the depth and seriousness of the show (as they have done with all of the series so far).

Oh Man!! We're COUSINS in America? ICK!! Kissing cousins?? Ick! Incest....bad...noooo!!

 Seiya and Usagi
Although Usagi and Mamoru were a great couple, I honestly think Seiya was better for Usagi in different aspects.  For one thing, Mamoru went from a gentleman in the manga to a jackass in the anime.  Seiya came onto the scene and he fell head over heels for Usagi, but Usagi never realized Seiya loved her.  Seiya laft earth telling the returned Mamoru to "take care of Usagi." Seiya then turned to Usagi and said "I'll never forget you, my odango."  Then Usagi said "Yep! We'll be friends frever!" Cue the sweatdrop sound.  Usagi never got it.  Although Usagi was being genuine about being friends forever, Seiya was being genuine with his love for Usagi.  Usagi inadvertantly put out all these signs that she was into Seiya, and Seiya even thought they were dating, but Usagi just wanted to be friends.  I think Usagi and Seiay were a better match, they shared the same personality, they had so much in common, and the both had the same ego about themselves ^^;;.  Seiya said he would always love Usagi, but Usagi JUST DIDN'T GET IT!!!  

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