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it was her eyes that made me want to die . . .
FAQ and Bad Rumors Page
Well, here we are, the frequently asked questions page...what is this page about
 you may ask? Well, if you ask what this page is about, i'm going to have to ask
you to leave, now.  J/k...well, lets get started

Q: Is it true that the reason Haruka and Michiru are lesbians is because Prince
 Uranus was is love with Princess Neptune, but when they were reincarnated,
Prince Uranus was put in a girls body but he/she still loved Neptune?

A: How And how about even another no? Until you can find
 me some evidence, then I will maybe think about explaining this question, until
then, lets move on.

Q: What are the Sailor Starlights? Boys or girls?

A: It really depends on what you are talking about.  When Naoko wrote the
StarS Series Manga, she made the Starlights GIRLS that dress as GUYS, a
 kind of Haruka thing going on (it's very important that you not confuse the
anime with manga).  In the anime, the producers made them guys that turn into
girls, which really upset Naoko.

Q: Is it true that Chibi-Usa is really Setsuna and Mamoru's child?

A: Um...while there is some evidence that would make one think this, NO!!! For
one thing, yes, Chibi-Usa has pink heair and Usagi and Mamoru, well, don't.
 But if you remember, Queen Serenity had a kind of pinkish tinge to her hair
(plus, we don't know what colour hair previous generations had).  Another thing
is, Chibi-Usa has red eyes, and Setsuna has garnet.  Well, yes, very true, but
the only reson Chibi-Usa has the red eyes is to keep the bunny-rabbit theme
going on.  Another thing is, that Neo-Queen Serenity was in a coma, King Endy-
mion and Sailor Pluto were the only survivors, so they MAY have had some
*free* time, *cough* if ya know what i Mean, ne?  But, NO, Mamoru has been
and always will be faithful to Usa-ko.  To turn you away from this rumor, look
 at all the signs that point to Usagi being Chibi-Usa's mother.   1): the names are
 the same, Serenity, Usagi, etc.  2): the odangos.  3): date of birth. 4): blood
 type. 5): they have pale skin while Setsuna has darker skin.  6): Setsuna is not
 allowed to leave her post, so it would be hard for her and Mamoru to...*cough*

Q: Who is Chibi-Chibi really, is she Chibi-Usa's future daughter?

A: of all, Chibi-Usa loves Helios, and Helios is a priest, and
priests don't do that sort of thing.  Second of all, Chibi-Usa is like, 903 years
old, and Helios is like, 3,000 years old. Chibi-chibi is Sailor Cosmos'true form,
 who in turn is Sailor Moon's ULTIMATE form. For more information, see
the Cosmos Truth Page.  

Q: Itto Asanuma is homosexual because he loves Mamoru.

A: NO!! Itto is not homosexual whatsoever, infact him and Makoto like each-
other.  Itto just admires Mamoru a lot.  

Q: What is the significance of Tsukino Usagi being the "captain" and guiding us
 through your site??

A: Well, the whole captain bit is because she is a "sailor." And Usagi is the
 captain because she is the leader of the Sailor Senshi.

Q: If the theme of your website is Sailor Pluto, then why aren't your back-
rounds all Pluto/Setsuna? Why is Usagi the captain and not Setsuna-san?

A: Well, yes, my site is named "Guardian Of Time's Sailor Moon Site" but that
doesn't mean it is strictly Pluto.  Again, the name of the site is "Guardian Of
Time's Sailor Moon Site," because it isn't all Sailor Pluto, it's about the Sailor
 Moon Manga and Anime.  The backrounds are all different, because I LOVE
 each individual Senshi in their own way.  And, like I mentioned before, Usagi
is the captain because she is the leader, therefore, she is a captain.  

Have you heard a rumor or just have a question? Send it to me!!!
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Haruka and Michiru (anime and manga)
Chibi-Usa and Elios (anime and manga)

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