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it was her eyes that made me want to die . . .   
These quotes aren't all from Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon, some are just quotes I heard and I really liked! ^_^
"When he shall die,
Take him and cut him out in little stars,
And he will make the face of heaven so fine
That all the world will be in love with night,
And pay no worship to the garish sun."
-Romeo and Juliet
"Could we but mould our dreams at will,
And keep them free from harm or ill,
How pleasant it would be,
To deem our waking hours but dreams,
And that, our life which now but seems
A baseless fantasy."
-- Lady M. W. Montague
"I am G-d's hackey sack!!" Drew Carey from Drew Carey
Minako: "So, your name's Chibi-Chibi?"
Chibi-Chibi: "Name is Chibi-Chibi?"
Minako: "Copy cat!"
Chibi-Chibi: "Copy Cat!"
Minako: "Little brat!"
Chibi-Chibi: "Little brat!"
Usagi: So yeah...looking at her, I doubt it's urgent, like when Chibi-Usa came.
[With Minako in the backround: GRRRRRRR!]
[With Chibi-Chibi in the backround: aha ha ha!!!]
Hotaru: Thinking to herself: "No...another attack...hff...hff.. FLASHBACK: [a fire, her mother yelling "Hotaru!"  
Hotaru saying "Mama! It's too hot!!" she wakes up, "Papa?"
Dr. Tomoe: Good Morning, Hotaru.  How do you feel?"
Creak beep she looks at her arm, there are mechanical parts beep
Hotaru: what?]
Hotaru: I didn't want anyone to know about this cold, bloodless body... I was always alone.  papa was busy with his research.  I thought I would die alone like this.  
[thinking of Chibi-usa talking:As a symbol of friendship... I thought it would be nice to give you a present, Hotaru]
Hotaru: I finally made a friend [she sees an image of Chibi-Usa running away from her] Do I need to live so badly that my body is turned into this? Is there a reason for me to live?...
Sailor Pluto: Sailor Moon, The future Neo-Queen Serenity, you were always my idol...
Usagi Talking To Chibi Chibi: Who are you?
Chibi-Chibi: I am I. [SMILE]
Usagi Thinking: I am I.....
Usagi: Hey, you tricked me again!! Answer My question correctly!
Chibi-Chibi: Kyahahahaha
"We're gonna be teeny boppers again!  Back to High Scool, it's so exciting!! Love letters in your lockers, dates at the library, school festivals, etc, etc..." ~Michiru
"You are 100 billion light years ahead of think you can pick up on me!" ~Haruka

"People start their lives at last when they are able to live for something other than themselves!" ~Hotaru, reciting a quoate from Albert Einstein

"The time has come for our new awakening.  No matter how many times we reincarnate... It's set in stone...who we live for." ~Hotaru

"You asked me what my dream was, then I woke up.  My dream.  To protect this star so everyone can be happy.  Together with you, Mamoru.  What's your dream?"  ~Usagi

"My dream too.  To protect this star

"If pictures are worth a thousand words, then what are words worth?"  ~Me
"Help should come without hurt" ~Me

"Without magic, there is no hope for a world to survive." ~Anynymous

@_@ umino/melvin  
<_> drunk
$_$ ca-ching
~_~ angry
<_< looking one way
>_> looking another
*_* star-crossed
"_" double vision
^_^ happy manga
^^; sweat drops
Q_Q glasses
x_x dead
o_O weird
O_0 weird
OoO hyper person
OwO fangs
h_h happy
U_Ueven more dismayed
6_6 dialated
n_n happy
p_p crying  
^_~ wink
~_^ wink
T_T weird

::::::::This one day, we had a sub, so we all tried really hard to annoy him, every time he walked by the door, someone(s) would yell :"Eet's a MAArio!!" with the weird accent.  It was soooo funny.  

Our Substitute: You guys can whisper, or talk, but LOUD IS NOT AN OPTION!!!
David, raising his hand: How about loud?

We were all making animal noises to annoy our sub (yes, i know, mature), but Kristin, this girl that is SO MEAn and SO LOUD (and I mean LOUD!!!) was making them the loudest
Our Sub: Stop making barn animal noises, everyone!!! [looks directly at Kristen]
Krissie: That's more of a Kristen noise, and that's more animal than anyone can get!!

Then my friend Theresa yelled shi* really loud and the teacher told her not to swear any more, then theresa yelled :"I swear to God I have tourets syndrome and I can't stop!! AAAAAaaaaaahhhh!!!"

Then, right before the bell rang, Theresa yelled: "Does anybody have a freakin'  Midol?!!!" while stamping her feet very hard.

Krissie (yelling at Kristen): Yo Mama's so fat...she had you!!:::::::::

Mr. White (My Social Studies Teacher): P asked if he could go to the bathroom, so I said, go ahead, P." Hahaha, get it? P? Well, let me explain, we have this Russian kid named Andrew Ponyrko in my class, and he doesn't like it when people try to pronounce his name, so one day in spanish, my spanish teacher asked "how do you pronounce your last name?" and Andrew wouldn't tell him, he said only to call him Andrew P.  So,from that day on, everyone calls him just plain old P, no andrew or anything (except when we're in Spanish we call him Senor P).  

One day, in chorus, someone said "Oh, i love `N Sync" and I was like, "please don't say that word around me, it makes me shivver with hate"
Then my friends started laughing and tiffany was like "You can tell you're a writer" and I'm like "what?"  and Becky's Like:
Becky: Shivver with hate my body flumbles., making these weird hand motions

Lindsey Thought Of The Day: Why would you want to pee on the wall? Wouldn't it splash back at you?
                I should explain this one too, ok, in our school, some male students have been peeing on the wall, so in Social Studies, we were talking about what the faculty should do.  Then I said, "Well, why would you want to pee on a wall? Wouldn't it like splash back at you or something?" I was completely Serious too!!

"By hook or by crook, I'll be the last in this book." ~John Lennon
ad" in French or Spanish. In addition, "Trista