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it was her eyes that made me want to die . . .   
Special Thanx
First and foremost, our Moon Goddess, Naoko Takeuchi for creating my favorite manga in the world, Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon (happy birthday, Naoko: March 15th).  

My best friend Becky for being there for me...I know we've grown a part and I've changed a little, but you're always my best friend, no matter what happens or what I say...thanx for being my friend even when i said i hated you and when i was away...i hope we'll always be friends...bestest friends!!  Remeber the mayor game? And Siamese Pizza cats, Sailor Moon! Hee-hee-hee...can't wait till we get into high school together!! BFF

Evie-chan for bringing me back to my Sailor Moon love and for always being so funny...for always just being you.  Bounchicka-wow-now...hee-hee-hee...thanx for being frinds with me!! ^_^ BFF

Kasey, for being the beotch i love BFF

Laura, for reading my story and for having curly hair...for being so cut and nice! BFF

Tiffany, for being so nonchalantly funny...BFF

Amanda, for being so fun to hang with and to talk to...for being in my math class (HI!!!!) BFF

Jenny-Benny, for introducing me to Beauty and the Beast, for being so weird BFF

Kayla, for being so kind and helpful BFF

Sasha...i don't know girl, for being you, Blondie BFF

Holly...MARS!!! thanx for being so funny and weird j/k BFF

Teresa...HAPPY-B-day, hee-hee-hee, thanx for liking Blink BFF

For all of the above people, PLUS, Erin, Val, Ashley, Jamie, Abbey, and Brianna, thanx for being great friends!!! BFF, even if i don't talk to you!

Dad, thanx for understanding

Mom, I know you HATE Sailor Moon, but I don't care!! Luv ya Nepu-Nepu

Adele, i know we've had rough times, thanx

and to ANYONE i forgot, I LOVE YA ANYWAY!!!!! BFF!

Love, Pluto, Puru-Puru

P.S.  Thanx to everyone who visited my site!!!  You keep it going!!!
Please spread the word of Sailor Moon so we can get StarS on TV!!!! We really deserve it, especially since all us Moonies worked so hard through S.O.S....

 And to my Guardian Angel, Quincey, i will always love you, even if I'm not there, even if you think I abandoned you on that cold, metal table, in that horrible box, I still love you.  

Things I Never Knew I Loved
by Me, Lindsey

I never knew I loved the sea
Until it's beauty was lost in me
I never knew I loved the sky
Until I thought I might die
I never knew I loved colours
Until I realised variety is all that matters
I never knew I loved my friends
Until i thought I would never see them again
I never knew I loved her fur
Until her soft smell was gone
I never knew I loved my Angel
Until I was betrayed by people who loved me
I never knew I loved my cat
Until she..was gone
I never knew I could pray
Until I begged for forgiveness for leaving her
I never knew I could love something so much
Until it was gone
I never knew I hated the end...
Until it came...
I dedicated this poem I wrote for English class to my Guardian Angel
Most people don't understand how much I loved my Angel, Quincey.  She's a cat, and most people don't consider an animal a family member...I guess I kind of took my job as a pet owner for granted...they say you never know you love something until it is gone...yes, I loved my cat, she was my Guardian Angel, i cried hundreds of tears on her silky fur, her sweet purr sent me into a soft sleep many nights the walls vibrated with horrible screams from my parents fighted...she comforted me after I left my home to encounter new things in different towns...she protected me from so many emotions I hope I never feel..she was a cat, but she was an Angel.  Part of the reason I entrusted my life in her was because she was so loving, so forgiving, unjudgemental...perfect...I know I will never look at anyone or anything as I did to her...I pray to G-d every night that she will fogive me for leaving her...I pray that she understands that I would never give up...that she was betrayed not by the person who loved her so much,ME, but by people who "loved" her owner...I pray that she understands that things were not in my hands, that if I could go back I would have done things differently.  People think that an animal is an animal and that she won't understand, but I know in my heart that she does, and if i ask for forgiveness, she may...just may...forgive me...

I love you Quincey!!!!!