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it was her eyes that made me want to die . . .   

Naoko Takeuchi
Family Name: Takeuchi
Given Name: Naoko
Birthday: 15 March 1967
Birthplace: Kofu City, Japan
Zodiac: Pisces
Bloodtype: A
Marital Status: Married in January 1999!! To the creator of YuYuHakusho...what's his name!? gomen ne, I forget!!! SHe also had a baby recently!! Congrats!!
Fave Subjects: Art & Math
Graduated From: Kyoritsu Chemical University
Fave Anime: Bishoujo Senshi SailorMoon; she says that she's the biggest fan!
Clubs: Member of the Astronomy & Art Club ^o^
Occupation: Mangaka & pharmacist(works as a pharmacist @ the Kyoritsu Institute of Pharmacy)
Hobbies: reading, driving(owns a Porsche & Ferrari), collecting antique furniture, shopping, & being idle ^^
Personal Philosophy: "Being a manga artist is a very creative and very time-consuming, hard job, but it's very fun work. But it takes determination and energy."

Here is a list of manga works that Naoko Takeuchi has done & is currently doing, that I know of(of course she probably made more- you can always E-mail Me: if you know others she did), in no special order:

Code Name Wa Sailor V(Codename: Sailor V) - 1991
Bishoujo Senshi SailorMoon(Pretty Soldier SailorMoon)- February 1992, manga starts - March 6 1992, anime begins
The Cherry Project
PQ Angels
Rain Kiss(part of Prism Time)
Miss Rain
Love Call(part of Prism Time)
Chocolate Christmas
Yume Miru Rainy Button(part of Prism Time)
Secret Na Kataomoi(part of Prsim Time)
Yume ja nai no ne(part of Prism Time)
Young You, or something like that...

Awards that Naoko Takeuchi has won are:

1985- Nakayosi Comic Prize for Newcomers 2nd
1986- Won twice, Nakayoshi's New Artist Award with "Love Call"
1993- Kodansha Comic Prize of 17th(girls comic)

Let's Hope that She will win more!!!!!