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it was her eyes that made me want to die . . .
Astrology Page

Did you ever wonder about some things in Sailor Moon? Like, why Jupiter is an Inner Senshi if the planer is considered part of the outer solar system? You've come to the right place! We can answer those questions! Well, at least some of those questions... :) The more research I do, the more of these little facts I find, as I find more I'll post them here.

Although in mythology Pluto represents death and Saturn time, in astrology it's the reverse-Pluto represents time and Saturn death and destruction.

To end a rumor I've seen on the 'net: Uranus does not represent homosexuality in astrology. The closest I've found in my research is that if Aquarius (the sign Uranus rules) is badly aspected, it can represent "sexual perversity." While I don't regard homosexuality as perversion some people might (which is stupid), so maybe that's how this rumor was started. Aquarius/Uranus can be considered a male aspect, though, and Pisces/Neptune a female aspect, so that may have played into Sailors Neptune and Uranus's personalities.
The Senshi fuku colors also seem to be astrologically-based. According to Linda Goodman, the colors are:
Aries: Fire red
Cancer: This is a quote from Sun Signs: "...she wears pale gold and the shimmering colors of moonlight." Neat, huh? :)
Virgo: White and navy blue
Libra: Copper
Scorpio: Dark maroon or deep wine-red
Sagittarius: hmmm, I couldn't find a color for Sagittarius, but I know it's in here somewhere...I'll find it...
Capricorn: Jet black
Aquarius: Sapphire blue
Pisces: Aquamarine

Setsuna Meioh-October 29th-Scorpio
Scorpio in general:
Scorpios are intense, proud and powerful. They are tough and determined, and can be manipulative without even trying. They are truthful to the point of being brutal. They are magnetic and totally confident in themselves. Scorpios have a drive to dominate and hate weakness.
Setsuna's Chart
Sun in Scorpio: see above
Moon in Leo: Strong minded.
Mercury in Scorpio: Not someone to mess with. As my friend Stacey said after looking at the chart "you don't want to screw with this one!" Intelligent and dangerous to make angry.
Venus in Virgo: Very reserved and cold. Trust is never given lightly, but if dedicated to someone, will never stop being loyal, no matter what happens.
Mars in Libra: Caluclating, a planner or strategist. Not the type to rush into anything.
Jupiter in Capricorn: has difficulty relating to others. Tends to be anti-social and removed. Mysterious and distant.
Saturn in Gemini: Melancholy
Uranus in Libra: Understands how positive and negative forces work and how to balance them.
Neptune in Sagittarius: Not an intuitive thinker, but a positive one.

Hotaru Tomoe-January 6th-Capricorn
Capricorn in general:
Capricorns are meticulous and driven by routine. They tend to be melancholy, and are practical and patient, serious and reserved. They are shy, but can be stubborn, and are very intense. Capricorns tend to be prone to illness, and are physically frail.
Hotaru's Chart
Sun in Capricorn: see above
Moon in Leo: Powerful personality, with a strong mind and strong instincts.
Mercury in Capricorn: Can be stodgy, likes order. Has amazing strength and determination, and is devoted to loved ones.
Venus in Aquarius: Has trouble getting close to others, they seem distant, removed.
Mars in Virgo: Not a good person to get angry, they will get back at you.
Jupiter Virgo: Not charismatic, has trouble relating to people. Others have a tendency to find them creepy.
Saturn in Virgo: Hyper-critical of themselves and too intense for their own good. Can have a nasty, destructive temper.
Uranus in Scorpio: Strong character and inner spirit.
Neptune in Sagittarius: Not an intuitive thinker, but a positive one.

Michiru Kaioh-March 6th-Pisces
Pisces in general:

Michiru's Chart
Sun in Pisces: see above
Moon in Sagittarius: Forms strong psychic bonds with loved ones.
Mercury in Aquarius: Free thinker with a good understanding of the abstract.
Venus in Aries: Strong maternal instincts, works toward the greater good.
Mars in Aquarius: Dangerous opponent. Good at secondguessing enemies, methodical.
Jupiter in Pisces: Empathic, confident.
Saturn in Cancer: Has a dreamy quality about her, considers finding peace important.
Uranus in Libra: Understands how positive and negative forces work and how to balance them.
Neptune in Sagittarius: A positive thinker.