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Galaxia Story   (warning, spoilers!!!)
       Sailor Galaxia, nearly ageless, has lived since before the Sailor Wars. These conflicts fought across the galaxy, were initiated by Chaos, whose nature was to consume the entire galaxy and all of its inhabitants. Sailor Senshi from all reaches of known space held back Chaos as it ravished the galaxy, and it was a battle of unmatched power...and unmatched casualties. Sailor Senshi from many planets, reknown as heroes in their own worlds, fell victim to Chaos and its minions, leaving their homeworlds to fall to Chaos as well. Chaos was unlike any enemy the Sailor Senshi had ever encountered, and had to be stopped, or the whole galaxy would be lost.
      One Sailor Senshi stood against Chaos with unmatched vigor and courage. Sailor Galaxia, her long golden hair fluttering in the wind, her massive sword by her side, was a picture of strength and nobility. She knew that she alone had the power to defeat Chaos, and thus to forever guarantee the safety of the galaxy. She was THE champion of love and justice, Sailor Senshi Galaxia, guardian of the galaxy.
      Driving her sword deep into the heart of Chaos, she felt the waves of power wash over her body, power which would have shattered any weaker being. Chaos seethed and battled with Galaxia, but her power and goodness were able to contain it. She placed Chaos in the one place where she knew no one would be able to free it, within her body. Knowing there was not a single individual in the galaxy more powerful than she, Galaxia knew this was the only choice...for the future of the galaxy.
 Chaos vanished from the galaxy that day, and the war ended, with many completely ignorant of how Chaos had disappeared. As planets rebuilt, the greatest battle raged on within Galaxia with each heartbeat, as Chaos tore at her soul. She had forsaken everything for the galaxy, a sacrifice that every Sailor Senshi would make, but only one that she could perform. Alone, she felt Chaos' rage in her heart, and as she felt her soul begin to succumb to the reign of Chaos, she knew she would be defeated unless her soul could be free of the curse. However, Galaxia could not release Chaos from her body, or the galaxy would perish, so she released her star seed, the very essence of her soul, into space, where it would be untainted by Chaos and remain true to her beauty, innocence, and ideas.
       Galaxia was no longer able to stave off Chaos' assault, and soon became the galaxy's greatest enemy, where once she was its savior. Donning a suit of golden armor, her body was bound to Chaos by golden bracelets. As the most powerful being in the galaxy, she realized that the entire galaxy could be hers.
       She found that with a single blast, she could take a star seed from anyone, and make it hers. With such a source of power, she could rule the galaxy and eliminate any opposition. Each person has a star seed, but only the star seeds that shine forever belong to the Senshi. One by one, she took star seeds from Sailor Senshi across the galaxy. Tales of lost ancient civilizations recount stories of a golden goddess whose coming was heralded by a storm of black lightning, followed by the destruction of the world.
       The few that could stand to oppose the omnipotent Galaxia soon fell before her, and some became her servants with an offer they could not refuse: Die, or don my golden bracelets and become more powerful than you ever dreamed. Many Sailor Senshi served Galaxia in collecting star seeds, and were rewarded with death upon failure.
       The blast that came from her bracelets became like a song to her, as it came with the knowledge that she had collected another star seed. The projectile sang its requiem of death as it helixed through the air, nearly unstoppable in its path. She had nearly collected the entire galaxy's star seeds until she came to Earth. After collecting the star seeds from this planet, her conquest would be complete....
       ...within weeks, she had located the star seeds, with little help from her incompetent Sailor Animamates. Then, on a day of a Three Lights concert, she unleashed a deluge of black lightning onto the Earth, calling the Sailor Senshi of the Sol system to battle. These senshi were among the finest in the galaxy, Sailor Mercury, Sailor Venus, Sailor Mars, Sailor Jupiter, Sailor Saturn, Sailor Uranus, Sailor Neptune, Sailor Pluto, Sailor Star Fighter, Sailor Star Healer, Sailor Star Maker, and Eternal Sailor Moon, but none of them could withstand Galaxia's fury for long.
       The first star seed to be claimed by Galaxia was the star seed of Earth, held in Tuxedo Mask's soul. As his spirit ascended, he warned Galaxia that the Sailor Senshi would stop her. Gazing into the moon, he softly spoke his last word as he departed..."Usako..."
       The glimmer of the inner planets faded first, as Galaxia showered the inner senshi with her blasts. In rhythm, the blasts shredded each soul, Mercury, Venus, Jupiter, and Mars. Galaxia, content with adding four of the strongest star seeds to her vast collection, knew that the galaxy would soon be hers, if these four were among the last hope for the Sol system.
       The mighty outer senshi, guardians of the solar system, fell to Galaxia's unbeatable power as well. As she gained more power from star seeds, Chaos completely dominated Galaxia's body, shattering her bracelets and turning her armor black, and transforming her appearance to a perversion of her former beauty. With her trademark sword, an ancient artifact from her days as a Sailor Senshi, she attacked Eternal Sailor Moon, whose reluctance to fight angered her even more. Eternal Sailor Moon, the purest of all hearts, was able to see through Chaos' control of Galaxia and found within her the goodness that was long forgotten and succumbed to Chaos. Reaching out to Galaxia, Eternal Sailor Moon liberated the former champion of love and justice, Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Galaxia, from the chains of Chaos that bound her for centuries. Together, Sailor Moon and Sailor Galaxia defeated Chaos, finding strength in their unity, a power far greater than even Galaxia's.
             Sailor Galaxia is still alive today, taking home all the star seeds she had stolen under the influence of Chaos, including her own, the "light of hope." Alone, Galaxia imprisoned Chaos and made the galaxy habitable for us. Alone, she knew she could rule the galaxy, and alone, she nearly defeated the Sol system's champions, the planetary senshi. But alone, she succumbed to Chaos, too proud to admit that even she, the most powerful being in the galaxy, was not strong enough to contain it herself. Only with Sailor Moon's love and unity was she finally able to release Chaos, dispersing it across the galaxy to where it the hearts of everyone.
       This is the tale of the greatest warrior to ever live, the Legendary Senshi, Sailor Galaxia!  It is such an amazing story, and it makes you think about she friend or foe?