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Enemies Page
Sailor Moon
Queen Beryl is part ruler of the Dark Kingdom. From the Dark Kingdom, Beryl attempts to free Queen Metallia. Queen Metallia created the Dark Kingdom and Brainwashed Beryl. With Metallia free our Universe would surely be destroyed.

Jadeite was Queen Beryl's first general. He use to be one of Prince Endymion's protectors and in love with Sailor Mars before

Nephrite was Queen Beryl's second general. He too use to be one of Prince Endymion's protectors. He, was in love with Sailor Jupiter.

Zoicite was Beryl's third general. He was one of Prince Endymion's protectors and in love with Sailor Mercury before being brainwashed.

    Kunzite: coming soon

Sailor Moon R (Rose)
 R part two:Black Moon
Wiseman is the ruler of the Dark Moon. In order to take over Earth (in the future) he sends Rubeus back in the past (to our present day) to destroy the city of the future known as Crystal Tokyo

Rubeus is a servant of Wiseman, from the Dark Moon. His mission is to find whatever means there are of destroying the future city of Crystal Tokyo, and to execute those plans. He usually hands down those individual assignments to the four sisters that he brought into the past with him.

Catzi is the most aggressive of the four sisters. She requests very little help from droids, and she doesn't mind fighting toe to toe with the Sailor Senshi. Her distinguishing features are the cat ears in her hairstyle, and the sorry looking tutu. She is also very obsessed about her looks, especially her face

Birdie is the least combatative of the four sisters. She relies on intricate plans to obtain her objectives. She also has the least quarrels between her and the other sisters. In public life, she generally dresses conservatively, but in all other times, the opposite is true.

Avery is the least concerned of the four sisters about their mission. She often quarrels with her older sister Petz. She is extremely conceited about her physical appearance. Her weapon of choice is the whip.

Prisma is obsessed with trying to outwit her younger sister Kalveras. She is also somewhat reluctant to go on missions.

Prince Diamond is the ruler of the Black Moon Family. In the future he tryed to get Neo-Queen Serenity to be his Queen. He later attempted to capture Chibi-Usa. When Sailor Moon arrived in the furture he tryed to get her to become his Queen, she refused. He later realized that Wiseman had lyed to him. Wiseman tryed to kill Sailor Moon but Demando took the hit himself and died shortly after in Sailor Moon's arms.
Note:  The seiyuu for Prince diamond has passed away.  1954-2000.  

Sapphire is Demando's younger brother. During Demando and Safiiru's childhood Demando told Safiiru about how they would take over Earth and punish the people of Earth for banishing their ancestors. Safiiru was caught up in a power struggle between Demando and Wiseman. Safiiru tryed to stop Wiseman by himself and stole the key card that ran the Black Moon Crystal. He was regarded as a trader and killed by Wiseman. As he died, he told Demando how Wiseman was deceiving him.

Emerald was Rubeus's successor. Her plan was to destroy Tokyo with statues of herself that gave off atomic blasts. She later returned to the Black Moon and told Wiseman to make her the Queen. Wiseman made her a tiara and placed it on her head. It was not to be and she became a Dragon. She left Black Moon palace and went to Crystal palace to destroy the Senshi. She failed when Tuxedo Mask's rose struck her tiara. She then fell into a black void and died.

Wicked (Black) Lady was created by Wiseman to be Queen of the Black Moon. She was kidnaped by Wiseman when Chibi-Usa walked outside of the force field of the Crystal palace. She was turned into Black Lady after bad memories where implanted into her brain. Black Lady tryed to destory the Senshi but was destroyed when Sailor Moon transformed into Neo-Queen Serenity and told her she was not alone. Black Lady was destoryed and Chibi-Usa was back to normal.

Sailor Moon S (Super)
 S: Death Busters, Daimohn Pods
There are no "heart crystals" in the Manga
Professor Tomoe was head of reasearch and one day he was in his lab showing off his experiment to some people including his daughter Hotaru. All of a sudden the experiment went wrong and everyone in the lab was killed including Professor Tomoe's daughter. The only surviver was Professor Tomoe. Later the Daimon Master approched him with a little propostion. The Demon Master's propostion was that he would bring back Professor Tomoe's daugher back to life if Tomoe would give him his soul. Tomoe agreed. The Professor became head of the Death Busters.
Kaorinite (many people believe it is Kaolinite, but I have the DVD and I always watch it in Japanese with subtitles and it says Kaorinite) was the first person to search for the talismans crystals. She was not part of the Witches 5, she was a Magnus (I guess the highest level or something) She was seemingly killed when the inner scouts attacked her with Sailor Planet Power, and Uranus's World Shaking knocked her off the roof. See appeared much later as a lab assistant to Tomoe, and a tormenter to Hotaru. She was the one to feed Hotaru Chibi-Usa's heart crystal. While Professure Tomeo congratulated her on finding such a pure heart, Mistress 9 let loose a blast that killed her. (In the Manga, she just controlled the Witches 5, she never died or anything)

Not much is known about Mistress 9. She hod one purpose in Sailor Moon S, to summon the Master Pharaoh Ninety. She possessed Hotaru. She was destroyed when Hotaru repossessed her body this happened when Sailor Saturn was discovered.

Eudial took over after Kaorinite was "killed". She was the first or the Witches 5 that tryed to collect heart crystals for Tomoe She had a gun that extracted peoples heart crystals. She found that Uranus and Neptune had talisman crystals in their hearts. She was killed when Mimete rigged her car brakes and drove off a cliff.

Mimete took over after Eudial was killed. She was the second of the witches send to find pure hearts When she found someone with a pure heart, she would let the demon swallow it and take it back to Tomoe. Mimete died when Tellu pulled the plug of the machine that helped her grow stonger.

Viluy was the third (fourth anime) witch to try to find the three tailsmans. She knew alot about computers and used them to
find and extract the pure hearts from people. She sent a computer to destroy the Senshi but Sailor Moon damaged it and it killed Viluy by mistake.

Tellu was the fourth (third anime) witch. She was in tune with nature and plants. She used plants to steal pure hearts. During a mission she was killed by one of her own plants.

Cyprine and Pikurl (sometimes its Pichorol, and in the American manga its Petite Roll, I'll update it when I find out the real translation) were consitered one witch

 because they where twins. They were the last of the Witches 5. They were transporting crytals back to Tomoe when the Senshi arrived. There attacks went wrong and they killed each other.

Sailor Moon S (Super)
SuperS: Dead Moon/New Moon
Queen Neherenia was the leader of the Dead Moon Circus in Sailor Moon Super S. She was the one that gave the orders to Zoirconia. Her main goal in Sailor Moon Super S was to find and kill the Pegasus in human dreams.
ANIME:Queen Nephrinia was once a young and beautiful queen of a different moon who wanted to be beautiful for all eternity.  So she ate her minions beautiful dreams and sealed herself in a mirror for all eternity and she would only come out unless there was utter darkness.
MANGA: Queen Nephrinia showed up at the parrty celebrating the birth of Princess Serenity (this was back in the Silver Millenium, mind you) but Queen Serenity felt the darkness in Nephrinia's heart and so she sealed Nephrinia away in a mirror, but before Nephrinia was completely sealed, Nephrinia put a curse on Princess Serenity, saying that the Silver Millenium would cease to exist before Princess Serenity could inherit her throne. And as usual she atemped to take Mamoru from Usagi and become queen of the Earth. She was destroy at the end of Sailor Moon Super S. but she played a little role in Sailor Moon Sailor Stars.
Anime: "Never doubt the power of innocent dreamers, never doubt the dreams of innocent children, never doubt your worst nightmare."
Manga: (Talking to Queen Serenity in Usagi's memory) "Silly you...You too have come from another galaxy.  We share the same origin.  Queen...You need darkness...Just lend me your hand. Welcome the darkness... ...with light comes darkness.  The dark calls the light... the light calls upon the dark!"
Zirconia was a woman. Tryed to be leader of the Dead Moon Circus. She gave the orders to the Amizon Trio and the Amizoness Quartet. She was told to find Pegasus with the help of the Trio and Quartet.

Fish Eye was the leader of the Trio.  He was the most feminine of the Trio and he was homosexual and a transvestite. His outfit looks like an air mattress. He has a fish-skeleton belt and high-heels. He has the longest hair and its in a pony tail. In the  American Anime, Fish Eye was a girl.  

Hawks Eye was like a brother to Fish Eye and Tiger Eye. The Trio worked together in their battles. Hawks Eye wears a strange tube top, Skirt and tights. His hair is shortest and stands on end.

Tiger Eye always trys to help the other two in the Trio. He has the tube top like Hawks Eye but has thigh-high boots. All of the Trio were healed by Sailor Moon.  

CereCere was the leader of the Quartet. They took over after the Trio was healed. Like the 4 Sisters in Sailor Moon R, each memeber of the quarted is equal to a Senshi. CereCere is equal to Sailor Venus.
JunJun has really neat pants and hair. Here equal is Sailor Jupiter.
BesuBesu (pronounced: VesVes) She has the most style and is Equal to Sailor Mars.

ParaPara (pronounced: PallaPalla) She has the neatest outfit. She loves magic, she switched the ages of Usagi and Chibi-Usa once. She is equal to Mercury. As with the Trio the Quartet was healed by Sailor Moon. They all became Senshi of there own astroids.

Sailor Moon StarS (StarSuper)
Sailor Galaxia is a Sailor Senshi that came from another soler system far away. Her main goal is to rule the universe and to do this she has to fist capture each soler system in it. She has already capture about 80% of all the universe and now she is after ours. She is searching for the star seed, which is located in the body of a human. She is know as the Golden Sailor or Sailor Galaxia
Sailor Iron Mouse was the first to work under Sailor Galaxia. Her job was to find the star seed that Sailor Galaxia wanted so much. She wore pin-striped cloths quite a bit, and traveled in a british telephone box. She tryed to take the star seed of Sailor Moon but had failed so many times that glaxia stopped her and killed her by taking her bracelets

Sailor Aluminum Siren was the next Sailor Animate after Sailor Iron Mouse. Once she tryed to take Sailor Moon's Star seed, but was stopped by Chibi-Chibi. She died when Galaxia took her Sailor Crystal.

Sailor Lead Crow was the total rival of Sailor Aluminum Siren. Every time Sailor Aluminum went to eath she would follow. She was devastated when Aluminum Siren was killed. Although rivals they had a strange bond. Sailor Lead Crow was killed by Tin Cat in an accident.  In the stars manga, she was from the same planet as Rei's guardian crows Phobos and Deimos (apparently the crows  were from different planets, who knew?) and Sailor Lead crow claimed she wanted to be the one and only Sailor Kronos.  Then she stole Phobos' and Deimos' star seeds.  She was jealous that Phobos and Deimos had been chosen to be the guardians of Princess Mars.

Sailor Tin Nyanko (Cat) was vindictive, power-hungry and coniving. She appeared just before Siren's Death. She pointed out Siren's failures to Galaxia. Lead Crow had to work with Tin Cat and they did not work well together. Tin Cat messed up one or Crow's attacks and Lead Crow was killed by a black hole what was created. Tin Cat was later killed by Galaxia.  In the manga, she was from planet Mau, along with Diana, Artemis and Luna (I guess all the little guardian people were from different planets, ne?) and she was jealous of Luna and Artemis because they had star seeds.  

Sailor Sailor Lethe (pronounced Lee-thee) & Sailor Mnemosyne (pronounced nee-mozinee) are two animates who were forced to work for Galaxia to protect their planets.  Lethe was the guardian of the river of forgetfullness, and Mnemosyne was the guardian of the river of memory in mythology.  Oddly enough *wink wink* Naoko made Lethe urging Usagi to forget her past, and Mnemosyne urging Usagi to remember.  In the manga, they died holding hands.  

Sailor Chi & Phi are the Senshi who took the Starlight's Seeds, Chi (pronounced like a K) and Phi (pronounced like an F).

Sailor Heavy Metal Papillon Last of the Animates. (papillion is french for butterfly)