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it was her eyes that made me want to die . . .

Secondary Characters

Luna is Sailor Moon's Guide Cat. She is there to train Sailor Moon and the other Senshi. She gave the Senshi their Transformation Pens and Sailor Moon her brooch.  Diana's mommy.
Artemis is the guide cat to Sailor Venus. He trained her to be Sailor V and then aided Luna when the Senshi where reunited. Diana's daddy.
Diana is Chibi-Usa's Guide Cat from the Future. She is Luna and Artemis's Child. She is the grey cat.
Ikuko: Usagi's Mother is a homemaker. She is very protective of her child. She is always trying to get her to work harder.  
Kenji: Usagi's Father is a photographer. He does not seem to understand his daughter that well.  
Osaka Naru (Molly): Usagi's best friend. She and Usagi do everything together. They are almost like sisters. Naru has a big problem will the monsters from the Dark Kingdom... they always seem to be attacking her.  
Umino Gurio (Melvin): Gurio is a computer nerd. For a long time he had a big crush on Usagi but she always let him down. He is the one person who knows everything about everyone. After a while he does not like Usagi quite as much and turns towards Naru.  
@_@ Umino eyes...hee-hee-hee
Furuhata Motoki (Andrew): Motoki works in the video archade that Usagi often travels to. He has a younger sister. Usagi had a major crush on him and so did Makoto. They both fell off the deepend when they found out he had a girlfriend already.  
Furuhata Unazuki (Elizabeth): She works in a restaurant that the Senshi go to sometimes. She is also Furuhata Motoki's sister.  
Shingo (Sammy): Usagi's younger brother. Usagi does not seem to like him most of the time. He is a little annoying and kinda puts her down all the time.  I don't know any of the others from this image yet.
Queen Serenity: Queen Serenity was Princess Serenity, The Moon Princess's, Mother. She was a kind ruler and keeped the Planets at peace for 1000 years. She had to give up her own life to save that of her Daughters when the Kingdom was attacked.
Helios:Helios is also the Pegasus. He hid in the dreams of children from his enemies. He is very powerful and has a golden horn
Princess Kakyuu:Pricess Kakyuu is the Star Light's Princess. Her planet was destoryed by Sailor Galaxia. She can become a Senshi if need be. She is sometimes known as Princess Fireball.