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Guardian Of Time's Sailor Moon Site
Sailor Chibi-Moon Page
With the Blessings of the Future Moon, the Planet of Love and Justice, the Scout of Sanctity, Sailor Chibi-Moon is here!

Japanese Name: Chibi-Usagi (Chibi-Usa)
Name Meaning: Small Rabbit
Birthday: June 30th, in the 2000's
Astrological Sign: Cancer
Blood Type: O-
Favorite colors: Red, pink
Hobbies: collecting rabbit paraphernalia
Favorite food: Pudding
Least favorite food: carrots
Favorite Gem Stone: diamond
Favorite subject: drawing
Least favorite subject: Japanese language
Has trouble with: thunderstorms, taking care of the house
Strong points: getting people to give her things
Dream: becoming a lady
Height: 3'5"

Just in case you are wondering, Chibi-Usa's name is actually Usagi, although for the sake of not confusing the two, the younger one likes to be called Chibi-Usa.  In Sailor Moon R, Chibi-Usa goes back into the past to find the Silver Moon Crystal, to try and save Crystal Tokyo and her mother.  In end of Sailor Moon R, Chibi-Usa comes back to begin her training as the Sailor Senshi of the future moon.  In Sailor Moon SS, Chibi-Usa plays a major roll. She is the human that Helios contacts and trusts.