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it was her eyes that made me want to die . . .  
Sailor Mars Page
With the Blessings of Mars, the Planet of Fire, the Scout of War, Sailor Mars is here!

Japanese Name: Hino Rei
Name Meaning: Spirit of Fire
Mixx Name: Raye
Birthday: April 17th, 1978
Astrological Sign: Aries                   
Blood Type: AB
Favorite colors: red, black    
Hobbies: fortune telling
Favorite food: fugu (blowfish)
Least favorite food: asparagus
Favorite Gem Stone: ruby
Favorite subject: ancient writing
Least favorite subject: modern society
Has trouble with: television
Strong points: meditation
Dream: to be a head priestess, singer, model, seiyuu (voice actress)
Height: 5'3"

Rei, at first, seems like a bitch.  Rei is, however, a really sweet and caring girl who only wants what is best for her friends.  This is why she gives up her life for Usagi in the end (NA dub "Day of Destiny").  In the manga, Rei and Usagi hardly fight at all.  Rei is vibrant and is full of attitude and spunk.  As an Aries (like me), Rei tends to take the lead (or try to).  This may be what causes Rei to regret Usagi being the leader (or it may be that Usagi was still new at the leadership thing).  Aries people also like to control everything that is going on around them and they like to be surrounded by other people.  Aries people in general are very vocal about their opinions.  They are frank and very direct about how they feel, even if what they feel may hurt other people's feelings.  Aries would rather be dead than show the slightest bit of soft emotion (eg sadness, depression, love, pain).  Aries never like to be considered weak.  (I wonder if Aries the astrological constellation and Ares the god, Mars' counterpart, are related.  The connection of Ares being the god of war and Aries never showing weakness is strange...).  Aries are never lazy they always work hard and never give up.  Though Aries may seem mean, they are truly loyal and can be counted on.  In mythology, Mars was the god of war and was always being driven by hate and violence. Everyone hated his guts except for Venus, whom Mars had a love affair with.  He preffered to spend his days in bloody combat.

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