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it was her eyes that made me want to die . . .
Sailor Moon Page
With the Blessings of the Moon, the planet of Love and Justice, the Scout of Sanctity, Sailor Moon is here!

Japanese Name: Tsukino Usagi
Name Meaning: Rabbit of the Moon
Mixx Name: Serena (Bunny)
Birthday: June 30, 1978
Astrological Sign: Cancer
Blood Type: O-
Favorite colors: white, pink
Hobbies: shopping, video games
Favorite food: ice cream
Least favorite food: carrots
Favorite gem stone: diamond
Favorite subject: home economics
Least favorite subject: mathematics
Strong points: brown nosing, crying, loyal
Has trouble with: dentists, ghosts
Dream: to be a bride
Height: 4'11

Usagi does not have many qualities that make for a super-heroine. Being Sailor Moon is more of a growing experience for her (after all, its the only thing that she gets better at in the series). Usagi is very outgoing, loud, cheerful and bright.  She loves love and almost everything in the world, whether it be good or bad (which is probably why she has a soft spot for the enemies).  This trait also makes Usagi a very good mother.  Usagi does not always like her job, but she knows she has to do it to save the world.  Usagi is a Cancer which makes her very sweet and understanding.  It also makes her very naive because sometimes a Cancer will try to help without thinking anything through (hmmm...definetly Usagi).  This is not aloways bad.  Cancers are known for very expressive emotions and body language.  Cancers are VERY soft-hearted and they are hurt very easily.  Cancers change moods very quickly and all of their mnoods are felt by others.  Cancers are very concerned about their lover and often feel like their significant others don't love them enough or that they are not good enough for their Significant others.  Cancers love to eat and do anything on a whim.  In mythology, the goddess of the moon was represented by numerous people.  In Greece, Selene and Artemis represented the Moon.  Selene was more associated with the moon itself, but Artemis was associated with the moon due to the moon's cycles and a woman's menstrual cycle being 28 days. Luna is Selene's Roman equivialnt, and Diana (pronounced Dee - ann - a)

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